I’m Merja,

Short Bio: 

Communication pro. Manager, customer communication, B2B Marketing and networking. Certified Social Leads Consultant.

Passionate about personal development, cooking, health,
traveling and knitting. Positive vibe producer. Wife and mom of 3.


I’m here to remind you that you are
WAY more powerful than you´ve led to
believe and that you do, indeed, create your own reality.

I try to improve all my areas of life (my health, wealth & mindset).
Maybe you’re not that different from me.
My goal is to help YOU think better, feel better,
and live better.  I’m here to tech you the mindset and
marketing strategies to make more money and follow your passion.

I hope to inspire you to live a life you love
and settle for nothing less than extraordinary.

Practical Tips for Productive Living

I write about how big ideas could be applied to everyday life.

Now, it’s in your power to start living out
your most inspired and desired life!

Thanks for reading and I hope
you have a beautiful day!


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