Plan With Me: Journal Pages November 2017

Plan With Me: Journal Pages November 2017

November 5, 2017

I want to keep you on target with your journaling goals so you can continue to advance personally, professionally, or both. If you need creative inspiration and a gentle nudge to keep you moving forward with journaling goals here are my November Journal Pages and a great Plan with me-video. Enjoy!

You can download for free my November Journal Pages

Plan with me inspiration

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Jen is back with a new plan with me session for November.
-Today I’m so excited to show you my new cover. I hinted last month about wanting to change things up. Some people thought that meant I wasn’t gonna be using a bullet journal anymore. I just meant that I wanted a different kind of cover for my bullet journal. I’m just gonna quickly go through the other accessories that I’m using today.
-So I have my leather pencil case and this is what I keep on my bedside table and that I use most frequently. I really only use these tools when I’m doing these once a month.
– I just fell in love with this cover and now this is the build your own notebook cover. What I love about it it’s very subtle but when you put the band on the front you can still see the initials kind of peeking out there. So there are several features of this cover that drew me to it. I wanted something with some pockets in it but it was also the ability to just slide the notebook into one side. What I love about this is it has a place in the back for the actual notebook.

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