How to Journal

How to Journal

November 4, 2017
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Today I wanted to share just different ideas on different ways you can journal. I think a lot of journaling is really asking the right questions. Asking quality questions so then you can like respond and flow out what is really inside you.

There are no rules to journaling you can really do it however you want, it’s so open to any creative possibility, it’s really just a relationship between you a pen and paper.

For me journaling is a way to capture my thoughts and see what it is on paper and also a way to organize my thoughts. I’ll start with morning pages. Morning pages is something that I’ve shared so many times on my channel before but what it is is it’s three pages of stream of consciousness writing in the morning. I use a composition notebook and I’ll do three pages. It’s a system that helps you brain dump in the morning. I’ve gotten used to just like flowing, not really making it look perfect or trying to make sense. Morning pages comes from a book called The Artists way.

I also love to journal like in the evenings before I go to bed and this is because I always have a lot on my mind and I like to get the thoughts out before I go to sleep otherwise I might not be able to fall asleep. I feel like I work through my problems through journaling. Usually I start with asking myself how do I feel at the moment and even like spending time dreaming and visioning what I want in the future. I try not to filter anything but at the same time I always do try to see a positive side to things so if I ever start off the journaling like in a bad mood if I’m sad about something or mad.

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