30 Days Of Journaling • LIFE/CHANGE

30 Days Of Journaling • LIFE/CHANGE

November 4, 2017
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Find out what people learned in a 30 day journaling experiment

  • If I write in there about my deepest darkest fantasies will this be displayed to the people of YouTube?
  • So I was thinking about my first time journaling and I was in sixth grade and I’d written this journal and my friends found the journal and read it out loud and laughed at me so I threw the journal in the trash.
  • I kept several journals as a child. I would write who my crush was and what I wanted to do to my enemy.
  • I’m coming in as a grown woman with no journaling experience.
  • I learned I don’t want to journal to like reflect on my life I think it’s more fun to talk about silly weird stuff
  • I feel like there’ll be another period after this where it’ll make sense to journal again

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